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How you can use your Expert hours

When you partner with What if HR you will have a dedicated account manager and an HR expert to carry out a health check and identify the areas you need to focus on as a business.


Going forward, you will have access not only to your dedicated Expert but also to a wider team at What if HR, who you could book directly on our member portal as and when you need specific additional expertise. 


Here are some of the ways you can use your Expert Hours:

  • For compliance.

  • For auditing.

  • For sense checking, you are doing the right thing.

  • For having a difficult conversation.

  • For upskilling yourself or your team.

  • For coaching.

  • For salary benchmarking.

  • For designing bespoke training.

  • For any other service that helps your business thrive or overcome a hurdle.


How long some of the services take

⚖️ Get Compliant

1-2 hours - Simple Healthcheck

5-10 hours - Compliance Audit

3-5 hours - Employment Contract

7-10 hours - Employee Handbook

5-7 hours - Health and Safety Audit

5-10 hours - Data Protection Audit

5-7 hours - ED&I Audit

💻 Get Techy

1-3 hours - Systems Healthcheck


5-10 hours - Market Tech Survey

2 hours - Operational Effectiveness Consultation

5-10+ hours - Information Migration to a new software

🤓 Get Nerdy

10 hours - Design and Delivery of a 2-hour Bespoke Training

10 hours - Six Coaching Sessions

2 hours - Difficult Conversations "Power Hour"

1-10 hours - Upskilling and learning from any of the Experts

😄 Get Problem Free

1-2 hours - Initial consultation to understand the problem

5-10+ hours - Preparing for and running an investigation

2-10 hours - Preparing for and conducting a difficult conversation/disciplinary meeting/etc

2-10 hours - Drafting a complex case documentation

3-5 hours - Mediation session

2-4 hours - Occupational Health consultation + Report

🚶 Get Growing

3-6 hours - Design of People Strategy

1-2 hours - Culture Health check

2-7 hours - Design of Reward and Compensation structure

3 hours - Development of 90-day Operational Strategy

3-5 hours - Consultation and Design of Employee Engagement survey

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