People Experts.
There for you when you need us.

Specialist HR team for small business and startups.


We work exclusively with small businesses and startups to provide you with affordable, tailored, and flexible support for building a successful business that people love to both buy from and work for.

Try What if HR and get:

😀 A dedicated People Expert

🖤 A comprehensive HR health check

👍🏻 A team of on-demand Specialists available to help


🧠 A clear commercial People Plan to drive your business forward

👀 Support with recruitment, onboarding, terminations, and other key processes

💪 Training and development for your people as and when you need it


What support do you need?

We offer a full range of services
without a corporate price tag.


We want to make HR accessible for any business regardless of size and budget. 


We work with nearly 20 specialists (subject matter Experts) who can be available at short notice to partner up, listen, and support your business in any challenging commercial area, be it recruiting for a challenging position, or defining the culture of your business and a roadmap to your future growth.

The expertise you can tap into:



✻ People Strategy and Culture

✻ Equality, Inclusion and Diversity

✻ Compliance

✻ Compensation and Reward

✻ Learning and Development

✻ Leadership Coaching

✻ Recruitment and Employer Brand

✻ Data Protection

✻ Health and Safety

✻ Legal

✻ Payroll

We feel in safe hands with What if HR and don't need to worry about anything. We love the all in one place model.

Who we help

How we are different


Why work with only one consultant if you can have a whole team to fall back on? Our goal is to offer a full range of support at the same price as a single provider. We have found Experts that align with our vision and values, built a trust relationship with them, and negotiated reasonable rates on your behalf.


We are a small consultancy and a collective of people passionate about small business. We believe that everyone in business should have access to an expert level of support regardless of their budget. That is why we customise our services to meet your specific needs (without unnecessary bells and whistles). 


Our experts have years of hands-on commercial experience and results. Their advice and strategies are backed by real-life scenarios. Gearing up for scale - our Transformation Expert has helped multiple brands grow. Looking for a well-communicated Employee Value Proposition (EVP) - our Strategy Expert has crafted EVPs that really speak to the right candidates.


Our pricing and services are openly displayed on the website because we have nothing to hide or upsell to you. There is no small print when you are buying and there won't be any surprises. (Ok, we may surprise you with an occasional special offer or a giveaway, but that is all). 


When you need to scale up or down, pivot, or make any other changes to how you operate (we know this is an inseparable part of every startup's existence), we will be by your side, making adjustments, putting your bundles on hold, helping you to cancel, or renewing on different terms. We are here to build you up.

Our principles



Everything we do is based on cutting down the fluff and looking at the real problem. 


No unnecessary form filling.


No drawn-out processes.


No jargon.

Easy steps to manage all people-related matters


You will be supported by independent experts who are outstanding at what they do.

At a fraction of the cost access a whole range of HR-related expertise, including:


Complex law

People strategy

Culture and engagement

Health and safety

Data protection

and more


The solutions for your business will greatly depend on your vision, culture, and existing processes.


Adopting from other successful businesses doesn't work, unless you are exactly the same.


We know this, and create personalised products that work for you.


Best practice is important. It is the foundation of your success.


However, to grow a business you need to have the ability to adapt, to innovate, and to challenge the status quo. 


Our trusted experts will work alongside you every step of the way to manage change, help your people adjust, and discover better solutions.


Frequently asked questions

Will I have my own dedicated advisor?

Yes, you will start working with a dedicated Expert and can continue to interract with him/her unless you require a wider range of support and your Expert is not able to offer all of it. In that case you are likely to engage other Experts through the course of your partnership with us. However, you may also end up working with the same expert if it suits you. Your bundle will include a set number of hours with our Experts. We can recommend but it is entirely up to you how you make use of these hours. Please contact the founder of the business, Elena, if you want to discuss any changes to your contract, expertise you may need, or to provide feedback.

Do you offer retainer model packages? We are considering a longer-term ongoing arrangement.

Yes, we do offer 12 month+ contracts. Please book a slot to discuss your requirements and we can propose a number of options for you to choose from. For our one-off and short-term packages please visit our Pricing page.

What if your experts don't offer the service I need?

We are looking to grow and acquire new partnerships. Which expertise are you after? We would be delighted to source that specific skillset for you - get in touch.

I have used up all my bundle hours in the first few months. How do I buy more?

No hours? No problem. Top up via our Shop; purchase another Bundle; or speak to us to reassess you needs and see if we could agree a new package. We love to be flexible!

Are your services more expensive than they would be directly with your experts?

Not at all! We have negotiated to match the rates you would incur directly with our experts. The only difference is that you receive better value of having access to a whole team through one provider. You will save time (which is every business owner's main asset) and administrative burden by working with us and accessing a variety of trusted experts for bite-sized advice without any additional contractual arrangements. If our offering doesn't provide the value you are looking for, please get in touch for a bespoke arrangement based on your specific requirements.

What if I am not happy with the service I receive?

Speak to us! We would be devastated, of course, but would need to understand why, so that we can fix it. If it doesn't work, we will offer a refund for any outstanding hours/services.

Ready to get started?