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Our team helps small businesses, startups and charities capitalise on their people strengths and minimise the compliance risks.


We look at your current people practices to identify the gaps. We then equip you with the right tools to fill those gaps, build better employee experiences and drive your company in the right direction. 


In practice, it means you will work closely with our team, use our templates and guidance to stay compliant and develop systems that prevent common employment hiccups. You will hear from us regularly with updates and can dip in and out of our day-to-day support. 

We specialise in compliance, people operations, engagement and culture, HR and recruitment modernisation.


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when to use HR


⚡️  When you are starting out, you will look to understand the basic requirements of employers and put systems in place that will help you stay on the right side of the law. That is a minimum you need to consider when hiring your first employee or planning to. You may not always have your entire strategy figured out or have a handbook drafted but knowing what is to come will help you prepare for your business growth. 


⚡️  When you have been running a business for a bit, and the team is expanding beyond five employees. You will notice that you are spending more time managing HR admin or directing your team to your accountant. You will have your first experience of an employee taking maternity leave or difficulty dismissing a poorly performing member of the team (who is also you, mate). At this stage, you can benefit from ad-hoc HR advice or start considering an HR support subscription.


⚡️ When you want to take your business to a different level. You may be looking to apply for (more) funding and need to do your due diligence or streamline your current people operations to improve your employee relationships and connect with your team (e.g. set up an engaging onboarding process). It would be a good time for some strategic HR input or a culture and compliance health check. 


⚡️ When you are facing a people-related problem that needs a quick resolution. Our clients come to us for practical support with their grievances or disciplinary hearings, for help with making reasonable adjustments for a disabled employee or guidance on a redundancy process. 

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