Hi, I am Elena and I founded What if HR in 2020.


I create tech-enhanced, people-focused and simple solutions for agile organisations that are not satisfied with a more traditional HR approach.


My company serves smaller clients and focuses on affordable on-demand solutions. Nothing too bureaucratic or stale. 

It is a collective of independent consultants specialised in their unique fields, from recruitment to DEI.


Our mission is to make HR knowledge and support available to any small business, because we know how much of a difference an HR expert could make to the commercial and ethical success of an organisation.


I specialise in compliance and documentation and work alongside my team of experts delivering joy.


I am fully qualified with CIPD, have a Master's in Human Resources Management, a decade of experience and a wide network of experts and partners.

"To me, making a difference for a small business is making more of a difference."

We can do amazing things working together.

All our partners are commercially focused, independent specialists who will work side by side with you and help you achieve your goals.

We are here to make your journey as a business owner less perilous, less pressured and more enjoyable 

through People Strategy,

smart hiring,

and access to our network of

on-demand specialists.

Our vision and values:

To create a world where every small employer has the regulatory

and strategic foundations for success.



We choose kindness before we choose anything else.


We get fired up doing the work we love.


To try. To fail. To speak up. To be different.