How it started

Hi, I am Elena.


I love people, technology, and simplicity. 

After earning a degree in Business Studies and a Masters in HR Management, I topped it up with a CIPD qualification and went on to spend nearly a decade in various HR roles, including, most recently, as HR consultant.


I enjoyed working with small businesses and startups so much that it led to my own entrepreneurial journey in October 2020.


I am driven to change the HR consulting landscape by making ALL HR specialisms easily digestible, accessible and affordable to smaller businesses.


This means choosing a holistic approach, focusing on the business objectives and looking at the bigger picture, not a simple regurgitation of legislation or best practice.


My long-term goal is to build an HR tech platform that will make HR knowledge and support affordable for every small business.

"To me, making a difference for a small business is making more of a difference."

While I was looking for solutions, I have met amazing specialists in a variety of areas, from People Analytics to Mediation to Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion.


We can do amazing things working together. Here is how I started 


 a collective of specialist People Experts. 

All our partners are commercially focused, independent specialists who will work side by side with you and help you achieve your goals.

What if HR mission is to make the entrepreneurial journey:


a) less perilous

b) more enjoyable

c) less lonely

& to boost startup chances for success through


smart hiring, and

access to a virtual support network of on-demand specialists.

Our vision and values:

To create a world where every small employer has the regulatory

and strategic foundations for success.



We choose kindness before we choose anything else.


We get fired up doing the work we love.


To try. To fail. To speak up. To be different.


Always discovering the next level.


It is about excellence, not perfection.