Remote On-boarding: Four Ways to Make Your New Employees Feel Welcome.

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

When you’re growing your team remotely, it presents a set of challenges, including, HOW to make your new employees feel welcome in an online environment. After all, this is new to all of us and there isn't a simple guide with answers. It may feel a bit like going from level 3 to level 30 in one swift movement.

Mistakes may seem unavoidable (and are ok!), however, this article will help you focus your on-boarding efforts on the four key areas to avoid any major mistakes and to make sure every new joiner feels trusted, valued, and committed to your company.

1. Create an Effective Induction (Onboarding Experience)

Creating a suitable and engaging induction for your new employee is hard to achieve online, it can easily become overwhelming with meetings, new software, and limited social interaction.

Ensuring that you provide new employees with the relevant information regarding their role, expectations, your company cultures and values, software, health and safety and many more, can seem almost impossible to achieve.

Stripping it back to the most important details, making the induction as role-specific and tailored toward the employee as possible, will help you create an engaging and welcoming induction.

Remember, some things can be covered at other points during the first few days, it does not have to be an avalanche of information!

Re-evaluating the quality and practicality of your inductions, and their compatibility with remote working is especially important.

If a new employee feels as though the induction was rushed, uninformative, or unproductive, they’ll probably feel less excited about the job and, in turn, may not stay with you in the long term or provide you with their best work.

Contrastingly, arranging the information in a clear, accessible, and simplistic way can provide a new employee with the perfect foundation to build their place in the company, settle into their new role, and start work.

Feeling welcomed in this way will encourage an optimistic, committed attitude that will be far more productive!

Making these changes may seem daunting, but it’s doable and can have a vast impact