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4 FREE Newsletters that will help you stay up-to-date with HR and legal changes.

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Smaller business owners want to keep abreast of the latest changes without researching or spending precious time on deciphering legislation.

Here is a quick summary of the four newsletters (links included) that you can consider signing up to to save yourself time:

1. ACAS (frequency: Monthly)

You may have heard of ACAS and its influence in the world of employment and creating fairer workplaces. It is a public independent body that provides valuable information about the latest legislative changes, guidebooks, and templates, policies, and local training events which your HR-reponsible employees can attend at a reasonable price.

2. People Skills Hub (CIPD) (frequency: As and when the site is updated)

People Skills Hub is part of the wider CIPD initiative and is created with small business owners in mind. On their landing page it says:

"Whether you need top tips on how to manage your team effectively, advice on your recruitment process or some of the difficult subjects like dismissals or handling grievances - you've come to the right place."

When the Hub is updated (and valuable resources are added to the site), you can stay informed by subscribing to their bulletin. This doesn't appear to be frequent so you are unlikely to get inundated.

3. People Management (frequency: Daily)

If you want to know what happens in the world of business and work, related to People Management, Human Resources, and Legal, then People Management website/magazine is your best supplier of daily news fix.

4. Federation of Small Business (frequency: Monthly)

If all you need is the high level news and updates, relevant to the world of small business, then FSB newsletter is perfect for you. It includes a broader range of updates including HR, and you can be assured you won't miss important announcements.

We will be launching our newsletter soon too, which will contain a compilation of everything above and other curated material we may discover on the World Wide Web. Sign up HERE.

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