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I am the founder of What if HR, the company that supports early stage businesses like yours and bridges the gap between hiring your first employee and building your own Talent and People team.

Starting a business is hard.

A tight budget, VERY limited resources, a million of new  responsibilities, and the pressure to see return on investment FAST.

Our team of partners from HR, Coaching, H&S, Wellbeing, and Legal will work alongside you to make your vision a reality and avoid expensive startup mistakes.

Work with us to:

🧠 develop a clear commercial people plan to drive your business forward.

⚡️ reduce overheads by improving processes and incorporating tech.

👀 avoid costly mistakes by knowing how to stay legally compliant.

💪 win the competition for talent against bigger players in your industry.

👍🏻 confidently rely on our People Experts for help in any HR related area.


1. Bespoke HR+

Option 1. We help you establish the type of support you need to reach your commercial goals.

It could include a design of a new onboarding system and an operational systems overhaul, a growth plan for staffing, or a combination of coaching and internal career conversations.

We agree on bespoke pricing for this work.

Option 2. You have a particular requirement not covered by our bundles.

For instance, you may need help running performance conversations every quarter, as an extension of your team, and review your documentation annually. 

We agree on the timeline and the most cost-effective package to keep things simple.




2. Bundles

You know exactly what challenges you are facing and want to outsource the task to an expert to save time.


This could be:

  • Getting you started with all the UK compliance;

  • Attracting, selecting and hiring your first employee(s);

  • Completing a restructure or an acquisition;

  • Selecting and implementing tech solutions for people management and engagement;

  • Reducing turnover;

  • Putting systems in place, etc.

You need a range of expertise on a flexible basis. Without the additional hassle and paperwork. 

Say no more.


This is exactly what we specialise in. Check out our customisable bundles, carefully designed just for you.


3. Pay As You Go: speaking to an Expert

Pay as You Go service gives you time with a specialist quickly and without any extra hassle or red tape.

We work with many experienced at Director level and commercial HR experts specialising in a variety of sectors:


  • Health and Safety,

  • Employment Law,

  • Data Protection,

  • Equality, Inclusion, and Diversity,

  • Learning and Development,

  • Strategic or Operational HR,

  • HR Technology,

  • Rewards and Benefits,

  • Recruitment, and

  • (the list is growing)

We will book your call/zoom on the same day (unless, of course, it is such a niche question that we need a bit longer to coordinate!)