How to Hire Right the First Time in 2021

Who is it for:






How this will help you:

⚡️  Understand the GAPS in your current process.

⚡️  Learn about the NEW best practice and tech involved.

⚡️  Know EXACTLY where to start next time you need to hire.

⚡️  Listen to valuable INSIGHTS from both in-house and external perspectives.

⚡️  Walk away with ACTIONABLE knowledge and tips that you can apply right away (we like to use examples!).

The value of effective recruitment is huge.

Yet, we still see:


  • jobs advertised without salary;

  • dull job descriptions listing tasks;

  • lack of employer branding linking the job to the business, and

  • many other areas where companies continue making very avoidable mistakes.

We are in 2021 and ready to start getting it right. 


Besides, if you know what's involved, it is not too difficult ⚡️ even WITHOUT a recruitment department or an external agent. 


We will show you how YOU can hire like a PRO.

Just look at the gains and savings of effective recruitment:


⚡️ A team that works well together and is able to manage conflict internally. 

⚡️ Employees who feel valued and find their jobs meaningful and fulfilling. 

⚡️ A space for varying opinions = innovation!

⚡️ A culture of inclusion and trust.

⚡️ Few or no employment relations issues.

⚡️ Lower turnover.

⚡️ Publicity and growing brand visibility attracting both applicants and clients.


⬇️  Management/Your time dealing with issues.

⬇️  Management/Your time replacing leavers.

⬇️  Direct recruitment costs: agency fees, technology fees, background checks, etc.

⬇️  Marketing costs to get your brand out to the market: reaping the benefits of good publicity from applicants and candidates.​

You will hear from our People Experts with extensive experience in the field:

Susan M.JPG

Susan McRoberts

Former Head of Talent at BT,

Founder at The Curated Consultancy

Lisa B.JPG

Lisa Betsworth

Former Director at Tiro Talent Services,

Owner at Slice Solutions

Host: Elena Suhova

Former Senior Employment Law Consultant at Peninsula UK, Founder & CEO, What if HR